Health and Safety Policy

Murtagh Crane Hire Ltd recognises that it's contractors and their employees are our greatest asset. Murtagh Crane Hire Ltd is committed to providing and ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all staff members, contractors, employees, customers and visitors.

We are proud to have our Sitewise Green Certificate 2017/2018

Murtagh Crane Hire Ltd's philosophy is based on safety, and then service. Experience shows us that if you achieve excellence in safety and service then productivity will flow as a direct outcome of an organised and well-managed work environment.

Management Commitment and Responsibilities:

a.   Ensure that Murtagh Crane Hire Ltd meets the requirements of the HSE Act (1992), its amendments, and relevant Regulations and Codes of Practice.

b.   Establish Health & Safety responsibilities and performance criteria within our H&S system for all managers, supervisors, H&S representatives, and personnel.

c.   Set annual Health & Safety objectives and regularly review our performance.

d.   Identify all existing and new hazards, and take all practicable steps to Eliminate, Isolate or minimise the exposure to any hazards.

e.   Ensure that all personnel are trained and support to perform their duties in a safe manner.

f.    Ensure that all personnel understand and are trained in Health & Safety requirements relative to their position in the company.

g.   Encourage employee consultation and participation in all matters relating to Health & Safety.

h.   Establish effective procedures to deal with emergencies

i.    Accurately record, investigate and report any work related incidents and accidents.

j.    Promote a system of continuous improvement as an integral part of all Mutagh Crane hire Ltd policies, procedures and work practices.

k.   Support the process of injury management and rehabilitation within the workplace, using alternative duties and light work options.

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